Wecome to eu-balance Holistic Therapy!

We are offering sessions and courses on ERT(Energy Release Technique), Astrology, and Flower Essence.

Whichever you are interested in, we are very focused to help you overcome current issues you have and let go of old and unnessesary energy and/or emotional patterns, so that you can live your life with full potentials of your body, mind, heart, and soul…and of course love and blessed feelings.

We are currently based in Tokyo, Japan, but since energy travels instantly, you can always have sessions anywhere in the world! (Sorry we are not sure if we can give therapy to somebody on Mars  because we haven’t tried it yet!) 

For more information on sessions we offer, please click one of the tabs. Hope to see you soon…in person or energetically!



ERT Session

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Flower Essence


Flower Essence Session

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About Us


About eu-balance

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