Spring Allergy-O-Rama

So it’s spring, and for many of you in Japan, it’s the “hay fever” season.

​Partly, yes.

But from what I have been observing by practicing ERT, it seems not only “hay fever” that is causing you to sneeze, runny nose, and even headache, but there are some other elements leading to these symptoms.

In early Spring in Japan, there’s a wave of Kosa (yellow sand dust) and PM2.5 coming over from the neibouring continent. Clients describing their symptoms as “hay fever” sometimes seem to have more energy disturbance from Kosa or PM 2.5 than some particular pollen.

Some of them have energy disturbance by mixture of pollen with PM 2.5 or heavy metal substances, because it seems PM 2.5 or heavy metal substances can be attached to pollen, carried with the vehicles (pollen) in the air to jump in your mouth and nose. So pollen works definitely as a messenger, of not only plant reproduction, but also of city pollution…sigh.

So, is there any way out?

I think so.

Since pollen is a kind of protein, which is to be metabolized/detoxified in the liver if intaken in the body like other toxic substances such as heavy metal or PM2.5, we can reduce the course of detoxing burden in the liver by reviewing what we eat during the season.

In fact, there are quite a few clients showing energy disturbance by pollen, have also energy disturbance by excessive intake of soy products, sesami oil, chocolate, or other kind of “seed” products that is not really compatible with their body. 

Here, “excessive” means more than what your body wants. For most of Japanese, it’s not uncommon to have soy bean products almost at every meal. Back in the old days, it was okay to be like that since meat and other protein rich food wasn’t available as much as these days. But now, our meal style has significantly changed.

​For many of you in the States, soy milk or other soy products like Tofu or Tempeh became popular in the last few decades. There are of course many good aspects of soy beans, but keep in mind that soy is not necesarrily the “all-arounder” for everyone either. Beans are very rich in nutritions but also said to have substances to protect themselves…that may not be beneficial for human.

If you start to feel some new symptoms like “hay fever” or other allergy-like symptoms, watch carefully if you have changed your diet you take often recently.
For some people, soy is fine but dairy products show more disturbance, so any health/wellness information is never one-size-fits-all!

In ERT sessions, if we observe any significant energy disturbance caused by certain food, first we try to “release” the disturbing energy. It can be temporarily, but in that “released break period” your body might regain the energy level to make that state stable. Additionally, we may suggest you to avoid or reduce the amount of that particular food for a while to see if that makes your body energy flow more smoothly.

It’s sometimes not easy to review the diet, but after a couple of ERT sessions combined with client’s effort, we see many clients coming back to us with better and stable conditions. 

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