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● For ERT (Energy Release Technique) menu either remote or in-room session, please click here.

● If you reside in Japan and looking for Flower Essence consultation, we can make custom blend for you by choosing essences with energy reading from over 300 single essences. For more details, click here.

About eu-balance holistic therapy

eu-balance holistic therapy is based in Tokyo, Japan, offering holistic therapy using various methods including ERT, Flower Essence, Astrology, and Innerchild Therapy.

Whatever the problem you have, it has some links between mind, emotion, body, and soul. We aim to be as holistic as possible to be able to give you real hints and help you overcome the challenge or issues by yourself.


About Main Therapist


Certified ERT Special Practitioner
Aura-Soma® Practitioner (Level 3 & Level 4 course certificate with Human Physiology)

Risa is a certified ERT special practitioner, Aura-Soma® practitioner, innerchild therapist, flower essence therapist, and astrologer based in Tokyo, Japan.

She has been studying and practicing various therapies for the last decade after her father became half-paralyzed with brain stroke and her mother started suffering from depression and became dementia with lewy-body. First she started out as Aura-Soma practitioner, then in the course of searching for truth of healing and meaning of life, she started focusing more on energy healing (ERT), astrology(especially evolutionary astrology), and innerchild therapy since 2014.

Currently her main interests are relationship of body, heart, and mind, and how one’s mind-set/innerchild affects one’s health and life as a whole, and how to smooth out any energy/emotional clots to exploit full potentials of client’s body and life.

B.A. from Smith College, Massachusetts