ERT (Energy Release Technique) Treatment Session

Remote (photo) + mini report : USD 20 (incl.Paypal transaction fee)

ERT(Energy Release Technique) aims to smooth out energy blocks and disturbance that causes malfunction of body and resilience so that one can regain one’s ability to cure him/herself. This is a very unique energy treatment method integrating Eastern & Western alternative medicine approaches, and deals with any inbalance/symptoms/pre-symptoms from energetic and holistic point of view.

Like many other energy treatment method, ERT can be practiced remotely using photo. However, to be able to capture your energy field better, we may give you a call (approx. 5 min) when time difference & coordination works.

Currently we only offer remote ERT sessions with photo for overseas clients.
If you reside in Japan, please contact for details of in-room session in Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, which is offered for JPY 5,000 (50-60min).

To have an ERT session

  • Contact us through e-mail (
  • We will send the inquiry form once we receive your message
  • (For remote session) Please fill in the inquiry form, send us back with your photo, and make payment through PayPal
  • Remote treatment session will be given and we’ll send you mini-report after the session.



How does it work?

We’ll first resonate your energy to the practitioner’s body, scan and detect what kind of “Cause-Energy” is lowering your overall energy level and body function, release their energetic overreactions to attain tuned energy status.

For more detail about ERT, read the section “More About ERT” down below.

How Many Times Should I Have Sessions?

Number of times and frequency differs person to person, symptom to symptom. Some people feel drastic improvements in his/her resilience only after single session and have sessions whenever they want, like when they just catch a cold, have a stomach ache, etc. However, in many chronic cases, multiple sessions over certain period of time are recommended to see if ERT is compatible with your case or not.

We’ll send a recommended number of times and frequency just for your reference in the session report, but it is not mandatory at all and completely up to you.

*Please note that ERT does not substitute the medical treatment, medication, diagnose, and/or advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with your health care provider.


More about ERT…

ERT (Energy Release Technique) was inimitably invented based on over 100 thousands cases of research, and being continuously developed by Shigeki Nakai of Nakai Center for Alternative Medicine Research in Osaka, Japan.

ERT takes into account of “Consciousness”, “Yin-Yang”, “Meridian”, “Human Anatomy”, and “Pathology” theories, and treat symptoms and primary symptoms from energetic and holistic perspectives. Currently, Mr. Nakai is researching on treating patients from their life-purpose and psych relationship.

Human body and heart is full of what we call “Life-Energy.” While energies flows to and from brain, organs, and tissues, they are giving continuous supports and controls on maintaining well-balanced health.

In ERT, we believe that “Healthy” status is where life energy flowing smoothly from cells to cells without blocks and being able to keep well-tuned and balanced energy.


Five major elements contributing in stabilizing our “Life-Energy”:

1. Meridian (gives vigor to the whole body and controls organs)

2. Brain and Spinal Cord (controls various chemical reactions take place within the body)

3. Heart (control emotion)

4. Chakra (innate stabilizer/balancer & barrier)

5. Aura (stabilizer/balancer/barrier for energetic interference comes from outside of the body)


and energy imbalance or disorder within these five “Life-Energy” would likely to cause:

– wrong information transmission within the body

– reversed recognition of what is good/bad for the body

– increased sensitivity

– hormone disorder

– immune compromise

– less active gastro intestine

– emotional instability

These would eventually become triggers for various illness and disorders.

“Life-Energy” can be interfered by some of the following “Cause-Energy“:

-Substance Energy (7 sub-categories)

Influence of energy under these 7 categories;

Toxin, Chemical, Environment, Bacteria, Emotion, Body Organs, Food, etc.

-Invisible/Unsubstantial Energy (6 sub-categories)

Invisible energy influence from numens, past life, mission/life-purpose, way of living deviated from nature of each soul, etc.

-Heart Energy (14 sub-categories)

14 categories of main emotional influence arises in everyday life.

Every substance, every place, every person, every emotion has its own unique energy, good or bad. Symptoms often occur when life energy gets too much influence of these “Cause-Energy.”

For each Life-Energy, Yin-Yang balance is crucial.

Any energy that is too big, too small, too strong, or too weak would potentially lead to some kind of symptoms.  When some Life Energy get interfered and we use ERT to release influence so that the energy flow resume its golden mean and gets stabilized.

*excerpt from Nakai Center for Alternative Medicine Research edited&translated by eu-balance.


Client Cases and Symptoms

Cold, stiff shoulders, backache, headache, PMS, menstrural disorder, depression, constipation,diarrhea, stomachache, skin problems, herpes, dizziness, hallucination with dementia, restless legs syndrome, influenza, atopia, hay fever, etc.