Flower Essence Consultation & Custom Made Blend

If you reside in Japan, you can order custom blend essence chosen with energy reading from our over 300 single essence collection.

Our current essence collection includes Green Hope Farm, Alaskan Essence(Flower/Gem/Environment), FES, Flora Corona, Power of Healing Flower Essence.

●If you live near Tokyo, we recommend our in-room session for flower essence blend. The session includes consultation, chakra treatment by ERT and flower essence blend chosen with energy reading, and 40-50min for JPY 8,000.

●If you live outside of Tokyo area, you can send us photo and birth date & time information, and we can choose and send the essence blend! We can also give you a call (about 15 min) to interview what your main concern is and what you would like to focus on. Remote essence blend session is JPY 4,500 including shipping & handling to anywhere in Japan.

If you live in Osaka-Kyoto area, we occasionally visit the area, so please contact for next available session.