Testimonials from Clients

I was expecting that effect of ERT remote session would be very subtle and gradual. To my surprise, I immediately felt my shoulder aches which had been very irritating for a long while disappeared and overall condition of my body got better after one session.

It definitely helped decreasing my stress level of daily life. Also, Risa told me a couple of flowers that would help stabilizing my condition, and the meaning of these flowers really matched with my feeling…so interesting!  I now really want to know more about ERT! I’d love to participate when you start having a course on ERT. Thank you so much!
ー Manami, from Saitama

I have been suffering from hives that appear every night on my legs and arms and were so itchy. I didn’t want to, but I just had to be on medication to be able to sleep at night. I didn’t want to rely on such medication for a long time and just felt that there should be some meanings to it…so I decided to try ERT in-room session. After the session, I felt really refreshed, and my strained eyes were clearly recovered.

I also realized that left-side knee ache that I had for a while also has gone away…I didn’t tell you about this at all! I also realized that the issue related to the keyword Risa has told me after the session and my hives started in the same timing, so I guess it’s time to start working on it. ERT really gives intuition of life itself.  Thank you!
ーYoko, from Tokyo  (She later reported that after 3 sessions, her hives started to diminish, and after 5 sessions, it’s gone.)